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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Remnants: Season of Wonder

Written by: Lisa T. Bergren
Gnaw on some beef jerky and a loaf of bread for this diverting novel.

Everyone feels like hunkering down for a gritty adventure novel once in a while, and I recommend this one.

Set in the gritty and unappealing future, a pack of gifted warrior teens (the remnants) are burdened with the task of saving the world. Andriana, the main character with the power of reading emotions travels through the empire with her companions, searching for the missing members of their bedraggled yet fearsome squad. They must fight the wealth disparity in the country, the crippling and oppressive upper echelon who keep the masses under their heavily bejeweled thumbs.

There's a whole lot of action in this novel, and I got to get down and dirty in the mud with the remnants. The plot was packed with fight scenes and escape scenes, captivating scenery, and an overwhelming sense of urgency. Bergren took me through forests, caves, waterfalls, cloud, and mountains. Danger was everywhere. The romance was enticing and of course, forbidden.

The novel isn't high literature, but it will make you think (when you have time in between action scenes).

 Every aspect of a solid adventure is present, and an attractive romance thrown in for a little charm. You really can't go wrong with this type of book. The people are attractive, strong, and just thoroughly entertaining. You won't do any profound philosophy while reading, but Remnants is a really fun novel.

3.75/5 stars!

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