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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nation by Terry Pratchett

"Life is a trick, and you get one chance to learn it." ~Terry Pratchett (Nation)

Nation is the story of Mau, whose island and people were ravaged by a giant wave. He was the only one from his island that survived the wave, and Nation is the story of how Mau managed to keep other refugees from other islands away from Locha, the god of death. Nation is also the story of Ermintrude, also called Daphne, who shipwrecked on Mau's island. She came from a rich life, full of biscuits, science, and 138 people to kill to the throne.

This is the story of how Mau and Daphne uncover the mysteries of the island Mau lives on. Mau faces the truth that his island perhaps isn't the biggest out there, the trouble of whether gods exist, and voices of Grandfathers inside his head. Daphne faces being called the ghost girl, being the 'woman' of her new tribe, and saving Mau from the silver fish and grayness of the land of death in the time of the fall of a drop of water.

Overall, I would give this book a 5 if I had time to read it 8 more times. Nation is a confusing book, very deep and wonderful if given time. It's one of those books that get better every time you read it. You know you love it, but can't quite remember why or how it ends. Since I am still confused and have not had time to read it 8 more times, Nation will have to settle with a 4.5.

"Even our fears make us feel important, because we fear we might not be." ~Terry Pratchett (Nation)

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  1. Your review makes me think of Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi - which won the Printz Award this year. I am looking forward to reading Nation - but wonder what your food review would be???


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